A Photo Guide to Different Diamond Engagement Ring Designs and Settings

Preparing to ask your significant other for their hand in marriage can be a stressful time, albeit one of joy and celebration. Even if you are certain that they will say “yes” when you pop the question, there is still pressure to make the moment as memorable as possible and to choose an engagement ring that they will love.

Since all of this stress and pressure is for a joyous and celebratory reason, it is best to learn as much as you can about engagement rings ahead of time. That way, you can select the best one for your partner and enjoy the buildup to the moment when you finally get down on one knee.

At MarryMeDiamonds, we craft diamond engagement rings in a variety of different styles and settings. If you are shopping for a diamond engagement ring in Bangkok, our photo guide will show you the various designs and settings in our collection.


As the name suggests, a Halo setting involves surrounding a centre diamond with a ring, or “halo” of smaller accent stones. This classic yet luxurious design has been a popular diamond engagement ring setting for decades. Halo settings are sometimes also referred to as Entourage settings.

halo ring illustration

What makes a Halo setting so vibrant is the optical enhancement the halo stones give to the centre stone. By surrounding the centre stone with accent stones, the centre stone will appear larger to the eye. A Halo setting increases the “wow factor” of any engagement ring while also being more cost-effective than purchasing a larger centre stone.


Solitaire rings are timeless classics - a single diamond set onto a simple band. Without accent stones on the band or surrounding the centre stone, the spotlight is directed solely to the diamond.

Solitaire Ring illustration

Under the umbrella of Solitaire rings comes a choice of different stone settings, giving you full control over how your diamond engagement ring will look. While the most common is the prong setting, more modern diamond engagement ring designs include tension and bezel settings.


Trilogy rings expand on the versatility of a Solitaire ring; whereas Solitaire denotes having a single diamond, Trilogy rings contain three stones. Much like Solitaire rings, Trilogy rings give you the option to customise the setting and stones to your liking. Some believe the three stones in a trilogy engagement ring represent the past, present, and future.

Trilogy ring illustration

Design is at the heart of any Trilogy ring. You can choose to have all three stones the same size or have the centre stone larger with two accent stones on either side. Some even prefer to have a centre diamond with two coloured gemstones completing the trilogy.


In a way, Vintage diamond engagement rings are an homage to time periods and established styles of old. When modern styles don’t match the wearer’s personality or character, Vintage rings can fill the void.

Vintage ring illustration

Unlike some of the styles mentioned above, Vintage designs are not bound by strict definition; instead, they are more artistic in their band design and diamond cut. For example, a Solitaire or Trilogy ring can be designed to be a Vintage ring.

Now that you have a baseline understanding of the different designs and settings available for diamond engagement rings, you will be much more informed when shopping. Similarly, when taking note of your partner’s current jewellery collection, you will be able to identify the styles they prefer. Should your significant other be hard to read, don’t be shy about asking their friends or family for help. In the end, taking the time to select the right ring will be well worth it.

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