Choose your perfect ring

MarryMeDiamonds simplifies your search for the perfect engagement ring by offering styles that feature the round brilliant cut. This top-selling diamond shape is a classic and timeless choice. Your engagement ring not only represents your eternal devotion to one another but is also a reflection of your personal style. We want you to be proud of your precious selection.

Each piece from MarryMeDiamonds has been crafted to show our passion for jewelry. We love what we do.

Know your budget

Going in with a fairly specific price range in mind will help make your selection easier. On our website, you can filter our engagement rings and other jewelry by price to narrow down your search.

If you are not sure how much you should be spending on a diamond engagement ring, one report published by the Jewelers of America suggests that the average American spends just over one month’s income on an engagement ring. The report shows that the average price of a diamond engagement ring is US$4,000, while the average income is US$3,000 per month.

However, there is no fixed rule as the budget is completely up to you and your personal preferences.

At MarryMeDiamonds our philosophy is simple: Appreciate the jewelry for its rarity and beauty, not for how much was spent to acquire it. We take pride in creating striking and everlasting diamond jewelry so that customers can enjoy their precious gifts and pass them down to future generations.

Which setting suits her best?

The round brilliant cuts offered by MarryMeDiamonds are considered the best-selling and most traditional shape of engagement rings. Round diamonds have become a classic because they have appealed to most people over the years.

If she hasn’t already told you what type of ring she wants, you can uncover her taste by observing what kind of jewelry she already has, what style matches her wardrobe/lifestyle, and asking friends or family for suggestions.

From there, you can choose from our variety of elegant settings to suit her unique taste:



This design draws all the attention to a single beautiful stone. The solitaire is the most popular engagement ring setting as it centers on an exquisite diamond. Over the years, some jewelers have enhanced the ring by adorning the band with complementary diamonds to enrich the overall look.

Perfect for those who have simple, elegant and classic tastes



Individually selected diamonds exquisitely embrace the center stone in a circle or square shape. This helps make the main diamond appear larger and intensify the overall sparkle and beauty of the ring.

Perfect for those looking for a contemporary and sophisticated design



Three carefully matched diamonds are dramatically positioned side by side to form a sparkling band over the finger. The center stone is usually larger than the two side stones. Also known as the three-stone setting, each diamond symbolizes the past, present and future.

Perfect for expressing your eternal devotion or as an anniversary gift



A magnificent diamond takes center stage, and is surrounded by a row of impressive individual diamonds. This timeless setting celebrates the allure of the diamond as light radiates out from all angles.

Perfect for those who prefer a vintage look with tons of sparkle



As the name suggests, this setting offers a twirl design that gives graceful fluidity to the ring. Both simple and dramatic, this unique style offers a bold design story.

Perfect for the chic woman who is not afraid to stand out and be different



Since ancient times, goldsmiths have sought the most opulent ways to decorate the astonishing splendor of the diamond. Vintage jewelry design is the perfect balance between historic intricacies and modern goldsmith techniques.

Perfect for the woman who favors an antique and decorative ring



Effortlessly stylish, contemporary settings are bold and pure at the same time. These designs tastefully adhere to the saying that less is more.

Perfect for the modern woman with an active lifestyle

Decide if you want a matching set

Diamond jewelry is a wonderful investment. When made well and handled with care it can be passed down from generation to generation leaving a timeless connection to our loved ones. Our engagement rings can be easily matched with wedding bands, necklaces and earrings to make for the perfect set.

If you are looking for a gift for that someone special, you can select from our collection of necklaces and earrings. Feel free to contact our jewelry specialists for a free consultation and advice on what might match your existing jewelry.

Still unsure of what style to buy?

Consider buying a loose diamond  that fits within your budget. All of our loose diamonds come with their own GIA certificate of authentication. Our competitive prices make us the trusted and leading source for natural diamonds in a sometimes overwhelming marketplace. Customers often purchase loose stones from us to upgrade their existing old jewelry. Others simply view diamonds as an investment for their future. Our GIA certified stones ensure you can effortlessly secure the diamonds you have always wanted.

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