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Diamond Buying Guide


Buying a diamond can seem like a complicated process. MarryMeDiamonds aims to make the experience easy and enjoyable by guaranteeing that all our diamonds are:

  • Laboratory tested and certified independently by GIA (for all center stones over 0.30 carat)
  • Conflict-free
  • Sourced directly from DTC Sightholders
  • Independently inspected by our in-house gemologist experts
  • Sold at the most competitive prices

We want you to feel confident about exactly what you are purchasing. Our Diamond Buying Guide will provide you with all the essential knowledge needed to select your perfect piece of jewelry.

Learn more about understanding diamond quality, selecting the perfect engagement and wedding rings, determining ring size, tips for buying jewelry online, as well as caring for your diamond.

Judging the value of a diamond

Renowned for its value and beauty, diamonds are considered one of the world’s most precious gems and rarest commodities. It has been highly sought after by admirers and worn by royalty since it was first discovered. The natural diamonds sold by MarryMeDiamonds are formed hundreds of kilometers in the Earth’s crust and take millions of years to form.

But what makes the diamond – a gemstone composed of essentially carbon atoms – so special?

The unique characteristics of each diamond are graded through the 4Cs: Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat Weight.

The highest marks in each category are awarded to stones that are extremely rare and difficult to find in nature. These stones are also the most expensive.

The only true way to be certain of a diamond’s quality is to have the stone tested and certified by an independent and impartial laboratory. The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) is considered the world’s leading authority on diamond grading and their certificates are accepted by all jewelers.

This is why MarryMeDiamonds only offers diamonds that have been GIA certified.

All jewelry purchases with diamonds over 0.30 carat will come with an original GIA certificate of authenticity. Customers will be sent and should keep the GIA certificate as proof of the diamond’s exact value in accordance with what they have selected from us online.

The GIA certificate thoroughly states all important characteristics of your diamond in terms of cut, color, clarity and carat weight. The GIA’s grading system is considered the most accurate and meticulous in the jewelry industry, and thus diamonds certified by GIA are actually more valuable than diamonds certified by other laboratories.

MarryMeDiamonds abides by these world-class standards to guarantee that you are getting the best diamond quality when you buy jewelry online in Thailand.

Grading a diamond

The 4Cs

A diamond’s quality is graded based on the 4Cs: Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat Weight. As no two diamonds are the same, the unique aspects of each gem can be assessed according to these four characteristics.



A diamond’s cut determines the brilliance and sparkle of the gemstone. The quality of the cut will affect the way light interacts with the facets. Although there are many types of diamond shapes, MarryMeDiamonds has opted to craft beautiful engagement rings with the round brilliant cut.

Along with being the best-selling and most classic diamond shape, the round brilliant cut is also eye-catching. This cut’s round cone shape is designed to push all of the stone’s weight to the top surface, revealing only the largest face of the diamond.

Being round and without corners also means that the light is reflected equally throughout the stone, creating a dazzling shine that disperses through the top of the diamond. This brilliance and sparkle is not seen with other shapes.

Diamonds in their natural form are already beautiful, but it’s crucial that only skilled artisans deal with this incredibly rare natural material. The cut quality is the only component of a diamond that rests with human decision and cutting skills. The higher the cut quality, the brighter the diamond. This relates directly to its value.

GIA grades a diamond’s cut quality on a scale of: Excellent, Very Good, Good, Fair and Poor.

MarryMeDiamonds handpicks each diamond to ensure you never have to worry about subpar cutting quality.



While there are natural diamonds with “fancy colors” such as yellow, pink and blue, generally you are looking for a stone with little to no color when buying an engagement ring. The GIA grades the amount of color on a scale of D to Z, with each representing the following:

D = Completely colorless

E-F = Essentially colorless

G-H = Near colorless

I-M = Visibly off-white

N-Z = Clearly noticeable color

MarryMeDiamonds offers diamonds with color grades of F, G and H. These are essentially a crisp clear color and a stunning indicator of a high quality diamond.

Jewelers appreciate the rarity of diamonds that are graded D because of the absence of color. However, our 40 years of selling jewelry has proved that the differences among essentially colorless stones are very subtle. It is only with diamonds graded I/K and below that any colors or tints become visible.

That is why we have selected diamonds graded F, G and H. From our experience, this is the perfect balance between what people expect a high quality diamond to look like without overpaying for the extreme rarity of a completely colorless stone.

diamond quality



Clarity describes the internal and external markings of a stone. Natural diamonds generally have impurities, giving each stone its unique fingerprint. Flaws found inside a diamond are known as “inclusions”, while external ones are known as “blemishes”. It is very rare to find a diamond without any inclusions – those diamonds are considered flawless and are the most expensive.

MarryMeDiamonds inspects each and every diamond under magnification to ensure that it conforms to our strict quality guidelines.

We offer two diamond inclusion types based on the clarity grade scale:

VS 1-2 (Very Slightly Included)

This grade refers to diamonds that have inclusions that can only be seen under magnification. And even then, there may just be a few larger inclusions or very minor ones. To the naked eye, it is difficult to see any visible flaws.

SI 1-2 (Slightly Included)

This grade refers to slightly stronger inclusions. There is a chance that with meticulous inspection, an expert may be able to see the inclusions with an unaided eye. However, these diamonds are still considered “fine quality” by jewelers.

Both the VS and SI grades are the standard measure used by most high-end European jewelry brands. The minor inclusions do not affect the durability of the stone or take away from its natural beauty.


Carat Weight

The weight of precious gemstones is measured in carats. One carat is equal to 1/5 of a gram.

Carat weight is important to determining a diamond’s value because the heavier the stone, the less common it is to find. With this in mind, one can understand that the value of a two-carat diamond is not double that of a one-carat, but more. This is because larger gems are rarer in nature and therefore more valuable.

Another point to note is that diamonds of the same carat weight can have extremely different values based on the other factors of cut, color and clarity.

Choosing your perfect ring

MarryMeDiamonds simplifies your search for the perfect engagement ring by offering styles that feature the round brilliant cut. This top-selling diamond shape is a classic and timeless choice. Your engagement ring not only represents your eternal devotion to one another but is also a reflection of your personal style. We want you to be proud of your precious selection. Each piece from MarryMeDiamonds has been crafted to show our passion for jewelry. We love what we do.

Here are a few more things to consider when buying diamond jewelry:


Know your budget

Going in with a fairly specific price range in mind will help make your selection easier. On our website, you can filter our engagement rings and other jewelry by price to narrow down your search.

If you are not sure how much you should be spending on a diamond engagement ring, one report published by the Jewelers of America suggests that the average American spends just over one month’s income on an engagement ring. The report shows that the average price of a diamond engagement ring is US$4,000, while the average income is US$3,000 per month.

However, there is no fixed rule as the budget is completely up to you and your personal preferences.

At MarryMeDiamonds our philosophy is simple: Appreciate the jewelry for its rarity and beauty, not for how much was spent to acquire it. We take pride in creating striking and everlasting diamond jewelry so that customers can enjoy their precious gifts and pass them down to future generations.


Which setting suits her best?

The round brilliant cuts offered by MarryMeDiamonds are considered the best-selling and most traditional shape of engagement rings. Round diamonds have become a classic because they have appealed to most people over the years.

If she hasn’t already told you what type of ring she wants, you can uncover her taste by observing what kind of jewelry she already has, what style matches her wardrobe/lifestyle, and asking friends or family for suggestions.

From there, you can choose from our variety of elegant settings to suit her unique taste:



This design draws all the attention to a single beautiful stone. The solitaire is the most popular engagement ring setting as it centers on an exquisite diamond. Over the years, some jewelers have enhanced the ring by adorning the band with complementary diamonds to enrich the overall look.

Perfect for those who have simple, elegant and classic tastes



Individually selected diamonds exquisitely embrace the center stone in a circle or square shape. This helps make the main diamond appear larger and intensify the overall sparkle and beauty of the ring.

Perfect for those looking for a contemporary and sophisticated design



Three carefully matched diamonds are dramatically positioned side by side to form a sparkling band over the finger. The center stone is usually larger than the two side stones. Also known as the three-stone setting, each diamond symbolizes the past, present and future.

Perfect for expressing your eternal devotion or as an anniversary gift



A magnificent diamond takes center stage, and is surrounded by a row of impressive individual diamonds. This timeless setting celebrates the allure of the diamond as light radiates out from all angles.

Perfect for those who prefer a vintage look with tons of sparkle



As the name suggests, this setting offers a twirl design that gives graceful fluidity to the ring. Both simple and dramatic, this unique style offers a bold design story.

Perfect for the chic woman who is not afraid to stand out and be different



Since ancient times, goldsmiths have sought the most opulent ways to decorate the astonishing splendor of the diamond. Vintage jewelry design is the perfect balance between historic intricacies and modern goldsmith techniques.

Perfect for the woman who favors an antique and decorative ring



Effortlessly stylish, contemporary settings are bold and pure at the same time. These designs tastefully adhere to the saying that less is more.

Perfect for the modern woman with an active lifestyle


Decide if you want a matching set

Diamond jewelry is a wonderful investment. When made well and handled with care it can be passed down from generation to generation leaving a timeless connection to our loved ones. Our engagement rings can be easily matched with wedding bands, necklaces and earrings to make for the perfect set.

If you are looking for a gift for that someone special, you can select from our collection of necklaces and earrings. Feel free to contact our jewelry specialists for a free consultation and advice on what might match your existing jewelry.


Still unsure of what style to buy?

Consider buying a loose diamond that fits within your budget. All of our loose diamonds come with their own GIA certificate of authentication. Our competitive prices make us the trusted and leading source for natural diamonds in a sometimes overwhelming marketplace. Customers often purchase loose stones from us to upgrade their existing old jewelry. Others simply view diamonds as an investment for their future. Our GIA certified stones ensure you can effortlessly secure the diamonds you have always wanted.

Determining ring size

If you are buying an engagement ring as a surprise, you may want to borrow a ring she already owns. Make sure she wears the ring on the same finger that you are shopping for. Determine the size by tracing the inner part of the band on our ring size chart and compare the nearest measurement. Or wear the ring on your own finger and mark where it stops. A jeweler can use these indicators to help determine an approximate ring size.

When it comes to assessing ring measurements, it is important to remember that it is natural for your fingers to fluctuate in size during the course of a day. Different temperatures affect your finger size. Do not measure ring size when your fingers are either too hot or too cold. Too hot and the finger might swell, too cold and it may shrink. It is best to measure ring size earlier in the day at room temperature.

If you are hesitating between two sizes, always choose the larger of the two options. It is much easier to make a ring smaller than it is to increase its size.

Knuckle size may also make a difference. If your knuckles are visibly larger than the base of your fingers, it is important to take both knuckle and finger base measurements into account. The correct size would be the number in between both measurements.

If you are still unsure of your finger size, please download our ring size chart and follow the instructions carefully.

MarryMeDiamonds will also offer one free ring resize after purchase if necessary. Please contact

Buying online with confidence

Our promise at MarryMeDiamonds is to provide an effortless and trusted online experience for all our customers searching for the perfect engagement ring and diamond jewelry. We guarantee that:

  • With 40 years of experience in the jewelry industry, our loyal customers have come to rely on us for high-quality and well-designed items at competitive prices.
  • Our customer service team can answer all your questions and assist you in every step of the way.
  • All online transactions are completely secure and all your personal information will be kept 100% confidential.
  • Our diamonds over 0.30 carat will come with a GIA certificate, which means they have been put through vigorous testing at laboratories. This also means that you can buy with full confidence that the stones are exactly as advertised.
  • We offer a 30-day return policy on jewelry pieces for store credit if for any reason you are dissatisfied with your order.

Caring for your diamond jewelry

Diamonds are incredibly durable and are one of the hardest materials known to man. Having said that, it is still important to treat your precious jewelry with the care it deserves:


Remove jewelry during household tasks

Avoid having your jewelry come in contact with everyday chemicals and cleaning liquids as it may cause damage or discoloration. Try not to wear jewelry during tasks such as cooking, gardening, household cleaning and other common chores.


Do not wear jewelry in swimming pools or spas

Chemicals in a swimming pool or spa may tarnish jewelry or coat the surface of a diamond making it look less radiant.


Take off jewelry before doing strenuous work/playing sports

Vigorous activities may cause damage to your jewelry and possibly hurt others. Furthermore, a strong knock on the edge of a diamond can cause it to chip and cannot be repaired.


Put on jewelry after you have gotten ready

Soaps, lotions, perfumes, makeup, hairspray and other cosmetics may dull jewelry if it comes into contact often. Put on your jewelry after you have showered and finished applying all your beauty products.


Clean and store your jewelry carefully

If you wear diamond jewelry every day, it is important to clean it regularly. You can get your jewelry professionally cleaned every six months, but here are some tips for at-home care to ensure your treasured items stay in excellent condition:

  • Gently wash your jewelry once every few weeks. Things like dust, lotion and perfume can coat your jewelry and take away from its full shine.
  • Soak jewelry items in warm water mixed with a gentle soap. Softly brush away any dirt or other build-up which may have accumulated on the jewelry.
  • Dry your pieces with a soft towel and keep the jewelry back in the specialty box you received with your MarryMeDiamonds purchase.
  • Store diamond jewelry separately as the hardness of the stone can scratch other materials.
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