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Diamond Quality

Diamond Quality


While there are natural diamonds with “fancy colors” such as yellow, pink and blue, generally you are looking for a stone with little to no color when buying an engagement ring The GIA grades the amount of color on a scale of D to Z, with each representing the following:

  • D= Completely colorless
  • E-F = Essentially colorless
  • G-H = Near colorless
  • I-M = Visibly off-white
  • N-Z = Clearly noticeable color

MarryMeDiamonds offers diamonds with color grades of F, G and H. These are essentially a crisp clear color and a stunning indicator of a high quality diamond.

Jewelers appreciate the rarity of diamonds that are graded D because of the absence of color. However, our 40 years of selling jewelry has proved that the differences among essentially colorless stones are very subtle. It is only with diamonds graded I/K and below that any colors or tints become visible.

That is why we have selected diamonds graded F, G and H. From our experience, this is the perfect balance between what people expect a high quality diamond to look like without overpaying for the extreme rarity of a completely colorless stone.

diamond quality


Clarity describes the internal and external markings of a stone. Natural diamonds generally have impurities, giving each stone its unique fingerprint. Flaws found inside a diamond are known as “inclusions”, while external ones are known as “blemishes”. It is very rare to find a diamond without any inclusions – those diamonds are considered flawless and are the most expensive.

MarryMeDiamonds inspects each and every diamond under magnification to ensure that it conforms to our strict quality guidelines.

We offer two diamond inclusion types based on the clarity grade scale:

VS 1-2 (Very Slightly Included)

This grade refers to diamonds that have inclusions that can only be seen under magnification. And even then, there may just be a few larger inclusions or very minor ones. To the naked eye, it is difficult to see any visible flaws.

SI 1-2 (Slightly Included)

This grade refers to slightly stronger inclusions. There is a chance that with meticulous inspection, an expert may be able to see the inclusions with an unaided eye. However, these diamonds are still considered “fine quality” by jewelers.

Both the VS and SI grades are the standard measure used by most high-end European jewelry brands. The minor inclusions do not affect the durability of the stone or take away from its natural beauty.


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