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Wedding Rings in Thailand – Marry Me Diamonds

Wedding rings are the eternal gift that encapsulate love and commitment. More than anything else, they will signify the life-long bond you share with each other. Let your rings exemplify that bond when choosing a beautiful piece from Marry Me Diamonds in Bangkok, Thailand. Our collection offers the perfect harmony between modern and classic, where each piece is timeless and chic. Whether you’re seeking a white gold wedding ring, a platinum wedding band, or a beautiful gold wedding ring in Thailand, we cater to a wide range of styles and budgets in the selection we offer.


Find modern and classic creations which capture the essence of your significant other. At Marry Me Diamonds, you’ll find the perfect diamond rings in Thailand to complement your engagement ring. Our exquisite collection offers both simple and sophisticated rings set in an array of styles and colours so that you can match it flawlessly with your engagement ring. From smooth and tasteful diamond wedding bands to ornate, diamond-encrusted wedding rings, you’ll find the perfect choice to commemorate your special occasion, no matter what your budget may allow.


The foundation for a lifetime of style. Our collection of men’s wedding bands include both diamond and plain metal bands in multiple fits and finishes. The bespoke, European designs speak to the contemporary gentleman – each ring is contoured for comfort and effortless shine. With polished and satin finishes to exquisite craftsmanship from the finest materials, there’s a wedding ring in Thailand at Marry Me Diamonds that’s just right for you, your lifestyle and sense of taste.

Whatever style, material or colour you seek, you’ll quickly find something you love in our collection. Celebrate your marriage and the life you’ll have ahead together in the best way with our his and hers matching wedding sets. They will signify that you belong together forever. Browse through our online collection of wedding rings and see how our rings can become something you’ll treasure for the rest of your lives.

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