5 Must know Engagement Ring Trends for 2022

5 Must know Engagement Ring Trends for 2022

Like all things, engagement rings go through trends. This year we’ve noticed that the trends are a mix of bold and classic designs. All of them are designed to catch the eye and make the wearer feel a million dollars. Here are the five hottest engagement ring trends for 2022. 

1: Multi-stone Rings

Multi-stone settings of two or three stones have been around for a while, but this season they have increased in popularity.  

In the past, multi-stone rings consisted of a centre stone framed by two much smaller stones. For 2021, big and bold is the attitude with three stones of the same size and cut, or two slightly smaller stones of a contrasting cut, for real standout.

2: Statement Stacks

The word for 2021 is ‘chunky’. This year designers have chosen bold over delicate. People are falling in love with these beautiful ultra-modern designs that feature a bezel-cut centre stone that looks perfectly at home in the wide stylised band of precious metal that frames it. Gold is usually the metal of choice when it comes to these designer engagement rings.

3: Black Magic

We continue the ‘bold is beautiful’ theme by introducing the trend towards blackened precious metal like rhodium and titanium as the band. 

These metals serve just as well in a vintage-style ring as they do in one that is bold, structural and modern. They come in either a matte or glossy finish that changes the ring's look depending on the light. These rings are becoming the talk of the fashion and jewelry industry, and you’ll be sure to turn more than a few heads with a black diamond engagement ring.

4: The New Halo

Rather than the traditional pavé halo surrounding a centre stone, leading jewelry designers have taken a bold new step by introducing fanned crowns around the centre stone. These crowns serve to highlight the centre stone and really make it pop. 

Some crowns are even set on separate bands, so the wearer can choose to add them only when they wish to. In our opinion, these rings represent a beautifully successful update on a traditional idea.  

5: Old Faithful

Simplicity has its own level of elegance, and the Old Faithful style of engagement rings for 2021 illustrates this concept to its fullest. 

These diamond engagement rings mark a return to the old-school beauty of the round or oval solitaire after seasons of cushion cut and emerald-cut stones. The austerity of a simple, beautifully cut stone in a graceful band is being favoured by many brides this season. 

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